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Why Digital Marketing is important for Event Management Company?

With these fast time digital world getting progressively present in our lives, it is no big surprise that organizations are exploiting digital channels to support advertising, deals, brand awareness, correspondence and practically every part of the business. This event industry is no special case with numerous individuals moving towards digital marketing strategies to effectively sort out, advance and improve the experience of occasions. When arranging your event it is getting progressively critical to have a Social Media Strategy because, for the Event Manager, online networking Digital marketing for events gives energizing devices that can be utilized previously, during and after the event. When you are arranging your event it is getting continuously basic to have a Social Media Strategy considering the way that for the Event Manager, online networking systems gives stimulating gadgets that can be used beforehand, during and after the event. Social media marketing for event planners is a significant piece of paperless event promotions.

Some Important Tips for Event Management Company

• Be Proactive on Social Media and reply on customer queries on time.
• Appropriately understand your Social Mix to take the relevant changes in Social Media Marketing.
• Never ignore the power of SEO as it will help you to get potential customers.
• Attach software like Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel for re-marketing.
• Be humble and relax if you get any negative review on any digital media.
• Learn from your Competitors with the help of Blogs, Case Studies and Social Media.

Check out this Case Study on How AR Media Marketing helped the Event Management client for better understanding.

About the Industry

We are associated with the event management of health and fitness with many high-end clients and provide the best service to all the devotional people around the world. We make vision easy for our clients to see, imagine, and understand. AR Media Marketing ensures that our brand has a better social media presence through our professionals.

• The Brand Already had a Website but no password as their developer was blackmailing them for more money.
• Increase their brand visibility with Social Media Marketing.
• Sell their upcoming event tickets online and make a proper database of it.

Our role
We create websites with an iconic experience by capturing potential business attention through social media. We reach the right people at the right time by targeting the right audience. We help in a cost-efficient way of reaching qualified leads. Using unique ad formats in an integrated campaign we help our client to reach its target audience and create there engaging brand experience. AR Media Marketing has a very clear point to create a quality product/brand with a strong message but in this case, we have to recover the same website within a limited time.


With the help of a name server, we were able to recover the complete website and a new hosting plan was been set up and after that, we started with social media campaign for selling event tickets online. Our social media campaigns were highly successful and our client was able to achieve more and more followers which made us a trusted social media partner of our client. We were able to create a good online reputation for our clients and maintain them too. Any product loses its worth if that it isn't conveyed at the given time. Our group works with experts that know the estimation of time and consequently we had the option to convey everything. We designed our campaigns in such a manner for our client with different stages focused on like Whatsapp Instagram, YouTube, etc. promoting the brand in a cost-effective way where we tried to capture the target audience with the trending technique. Our team promised and considered the guidelines conveyed by the administering body and made a procedure to change the server.

• AR Media Marketing was able to recover the complete website within 2 days. Lack of time was another challenge. We had to deliver our best without compromising on our quality. Our synchronization among the team with the strategies we won the game.
• Our designers worked in the direction of making attractive creative for social media campaigns to ensure that the brand image is shown precisely with quality content. We made a short and fresh content page depicting all the services in a way that clients found them very attractive. AR Media Marketing was able to inspire actions to a certain point with a powerful message.
• Payment Gateway like Instamojo was integrated with the website for automatic payment system.

Why to AR Media Marketing for Event Marketing?

• Never Compromise with Quality
• Affordability as we work on custom plans for our clients
• 360 degrees online marketing service available
• All tools available for detail analysis

Other Events Industry we served for marketing

• Wedding event Planner
• Corporates events marketing
• Product launch events
• And many more


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