FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions in Digital Marketing Industry

Frequently Asked Questions

1What is Digital Marketing?
Digital marketing consist of all the marketing carried out on electronic platform.
2What Services comes under Digital Marketing?
Digital Marketing consist of various sub-services like Social Media Marketing, Website development, SEO, Google Ads etc.
3Why AR Media Marketing is Best Digital Marketing Company in India?
AR Media Marketing is Best Digital Marketing Company in India as we follow legal frame work on transparency model use only royalty free music, video and images and take servers from reputed/global server agencies.
4Why Website is important even for small scale business?
Website helps you to stand out of the competition and help to scale up your business with digital platforms.
5Why my website is not secure?
The primary reason for website not secure is Brand has not purchase SSL Certificate and other reasons can be mix content, website not forcing HTTPS network.
6Why my website is loading very slowly?
Generally, Website load slow because of low server RAM or content/creative is not optimized.
7Why should I invest in Logo
Logo is a unique symbol for any organization depends upon their brand style which makes them different and acts as an authentic identification mark so definitely any brand should invest in logo.
8What should be my minimum budget?
Minimum budget varies from target, expected results and marketing objective.
9Why my likes are low on Facebook?
No regular post, less engagement and no spending on Facebook ads can be some of the reasons for low Facebook likes.
10What is the minimum duration of contract?
AR Media Marketing takes minimum 3 months contract, however retainer-ship is on monthly bases.
11How much time it takes to rank a website on particular keyword?
It’s not easy to rank keyword and it mainly depends on keyword density, however we can help you in ranking keyword in 3-6 months.

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