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Terms & Conditions

The terms and conditions mentioned below will be considered to have been acknowledged by our client on the utilization of our services. We request you to read these terms and conditions cautiously before you utilize the services of our site. This site is offered to you on your acknowledgment without adjustment of the terms and conditions and notification contained thus. By utilizing our site, you consent to follow and be bound by the accompanying terms and conditions concerning your utilization of this Site. We can revise the Terms and Conditions whenever without notice to you. This understanding will be effective as of the period chosen. This Agreement might be ended by either party with a composed notification to the next inside thirty (30) days of receipt of the notification. This Agreement might be ended by the Agency.

● Immediately if the customer neglects to pay any expenses he owes to us.

● If the Client neglects to help out the Agency or frustrates the Agency's capacity to play out the SEO Services hereunder. The Client will be subject to pay every single exceptional receipt and every single other aggregate because of the Agency under this Agreement (or about the important Services). Notwithstanding its commitments to make installments under the express terms of this Agreement, if the Client pushes ahead with the outsider to offer the Types of assistance during the Notice Period, it will pay the Agency an aggregate proportionate to the compensation which the Agency would have gotten had the Agency offered the types of assistance during that period.

Social Media Service

● In performing Social Media Services our team will build up an arrangement planned to improve the permeability of the customer's business profile on the chosen social media sites.

● The customer recognizes that the Social Media Services will require the customer to empower the organization to make posts for the customer's benefit over the social media sites included with the services to impact the permeability and positioning of the customer's profile.

● The customer will be answerable for giving us the important login access to make posts and for giving duplicate and additional data vital for us to guarantee posts are completely compelling.

● AR Media Marketing will provide only Royalty Free Images , however if client demands for non royalty free images or budget is low , AR Media Marketing may not be responsible for copyrighted images and risk lies with client.

● Marketing Budget ( Campaign Budget / Ads / Boosting ) needs to pay in advance.

SEO Service

● While preparing for the SEO services, the Agency will build up an arrangement planned to expand the Client's Website(s) permeability and improve the hunt positioning of the Website(s) comparable to look through terms significant to the Client's matter of fact and give related program procedure and strategic suggestions.

● The Client acknowledges that the SEO services performed by us will require adjustments to the Website(s) which may incorporate changes to webpage titles, structure, connections, and elements that impact higher list permeability and positioning.

● The Agency will possess all the back-links , guest post , bookmarking sites etc rights until the payment is cleared.

Website Development

● Copyright: The customer holds the privilege of information, documents, and designs given by the customer. The customer legitimizes that they hold all rights, authorizations, and copyright to all data gave and completely reimburse the organization against any cases, expenses or activities concerning the utilization of data, records and designs provided by the customer for the office to use in regard of contracted web improvement administrations gave to the customer.

● Approval: With prior approval , AR Media Marketing will not upload anything on website.

● Hosting , Domain , SSL certificate etc is generally given for one year , after that clients need to pay the renewal charges .

Creative Media

● The Client needs to provide some input like color scheme , brand color identity , competitors etc related to desired creative.

● AR Media Marketing will provide sufficient samples for all creative media service , however if clients ask for extra samples , then the client need to pay the additional charges.

● Attractive takes time and efforts , however to speed up the work we can add extra designing team at additional charges.

Service Details

The Client consents to pay us all charges as expressed in the Invoice.
● The Agency will receive month to month and installment terms are 30 days from the date of each receipt. If the Client neglects to pay any receipt inside 10 days of the due date, the Agency has the privilege to suspend the Services or end the agreement.

● If the Client requires any extra services outside of the initially concurred scope, the gatherings consent to haggle following some basic honesty regarding the terms, conditions, and remuneration for those extra services.

● Clients are subject to pay the Cost of Travel and related costs and some other out-of-pocket costs brought about by the Agency or its workers at the Client's earlier composed solicitation or acquired outside the extent of the Agency's ordinary obligations.

● All charges, expenses and every single other add up to be invoiced to the Client are restrictive of GST, legally necessary.

● AR Media Marketing has right to deactivate social media pages , put website under construction , change backlinks and apply for copyright claim if client failed to pay the dues on time and AR Media Marketing shall not be liable to pay the compensation of the loss.

Note : All services are updated on 06 / 05 / 2020

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